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East Rochester, NY 14445

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Our History

Locally-owned for 53 years, Debbie Supply has weathered many a rough storm.

Started in 1957 by Frank Barbero and brothers-in-law, Frank and Dom Sorge, Debbie Supply has seen many would-be competitors come and go. The original idea was a one-stop hardware store where plumbing, heating and electrical supplies were found along side tools, paint and other general merchandise. It was an innovative idea long before the “big box” stores. Current owner, Mark Barbero (son of Frank and Rose), plays one this when he says, “Think out of The Box.”

The beginning of the Debbie Supply story is the story of East Rochester itself. East Rochester was originally a railroad town called, “Despatch.” The name came from the first major company to locate here, Merchants Despatch Transportation Company. The other major business in town was Foster Armstrong Piano Company (Piano Works).

These two companies brought thousands of Italians immigrants to Despatch during the early 20th century.

The founders of Debbie Supply were sons of these first immigrants. From their parents, they learned to work hard and persevere. But above all, they learned that people matter. Debbie Supply has always been a focal point not only for local contractors, but for friends, family and patrons of the store. Every year, the store hosts a big Christmas party. We cook traditional foods and enjoy the season with the people to whom we owe our success.

At Debbie, it’s about great service in every form. From the friendly environment, to our products (“Yeah, we’ve got that.”), to our knowledgeable staff, you’re covered. We treat your projects like our own.

This website as an extension of our service to you. Browse through the how-to videos. Visit regularly as we feature our newest products, as well as coupons and special offers. We want to be your hometown hardware store, and would love to hear your comments and suggestions.