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East Rochester, NY 14445

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About Debbie Supply

Isn’t “Debbie” a Strange Name for a Hardware Store?

Debbie is the daughter of two of our founders (Frank and Connie Sorge). She was born just before the store opened, and the name just seemed right.

Store owner Mark Barbero is committed to stocking the store to fit his customers’ every need, including hard-to-find items. For example, he carries lots of faucet stems so shoppers are guaranteed to find the parts they need for a project. His continuous efforts to add new items to the store’s product assortment has transformed the 10,000-square-foot store into a one-stop-shop preferred by customers.

“Debbie Supply PRO Hardware has stood the test of time,” said Cameron Mahood, dealer sales representative for The Bostwick-Braun Company.  “They’ve competed against big-boxes by providing personal service to every single person who walks through their doors. When a Debbie Supply employee talks with customer, they try to find solutions, not just products.”

“We want to be there for our customers, to provide whatever they need, when they need it,” said Barbero.

The immaculate customer service provided by the staff at Debbie Supply PRO Hardware also defines the company as a true standout. Barbero and his staff have years of experience, and are always willing to go the extra mile for a customer. Barbero himself once drove 15 miles in a snowstorm to find an igniter to fix a customer’s furnace.

Debbie Supply PRO Hardware is also known for giving back to the community. Barbero and his family often use the kitchen in the back of the store to prepare weekly meals for employees, and host an annual holiday party with a large Italian buffet for customers, staff, friends and family. In addition, the store supports schools and other local organizations with monetary donations and space and supplies for fundraising efforts.

Now, you wouldn’t ask anyone else but Debbie for help with your home projects and contracting.